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Fast Url Opener - FAQ 10
Fast Url Opener is a handy software for opening websites
See the frequently asked questions about Fast Url Opener
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1. For whom is Fast Url Opener designed?
Fast Url Opener is designed for the Internet user who needs to keep many bookmarks and open many favorite websites, easily and fast, on a daily basis in different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari). See more..

2. What is the concept of Fast Url Opener?
Have a control panel with buttons and 2 options: Open and Preload. Click a button under Preload, to preload it with title and Url. Click the preloaded buttons under Open, to open your websites. Open websites in the the default browser which is your opening one. Have a feature to quickly change the opening browser. See more..

3. How many buttons does the program have?
Fast Url Opener has 75 buttons to open websites. 27 buttons are located in the Main window, 24 in the More Buttons window, and 24 in the Extra Buttons window. To open the More Buttons window, on menu click More. See more..

4. How to preload a button with title and Url?
To preload a button, click Preload, then click the button to open the Preload Button window. In the Preload Button window, type Title, enter Url, and click Save. The button can be preloaded under the Preload option. See more..

5. What will happen if I click Save or Cancel in the Preload Button window?
If you click Save, the current title and Url will be saved. If you click Cancel, the old data (those at opening the window) will be saved. The Preload Button window will be closed and you will return to the Main window. See more..

6. Are title and Url limited in the character number?
Yes, they are. Title is limited to 20 characters and Url to 2000 characters. Title is limited to 20 for the design purposes to keep 1 line in the button title. Url is limited to 2000 to have enough room for Url. See more..

7. Are there any shortcuts for clicking Save or Cancel?
Instead of clicking Save in the Preload Button window, you can press Enter. Instead of clicking Cancel, you can press Esc. Each open window of Fast Url Opener can be quickly closed by pressing Esc. See more..

8. How many windows does Fast Url Opener have?
The Demo version has 12 windows. The full version has 9 (no Nag Screen, no Program Registration, no Program Trial Expired). The Demo version can be converted into a full one by entering a license key. See more..

9. How much memory does Fast Url Opener occupy?
Every possible effort was made to keep Fast Url Opener as small as possible. It was designed to use minimum memory. Fast Url Opener consumes little more memory on your computer as Windows Calculator. See more..

10. How to open Help of Fast Url Opener?
To open Help, press F1 in the Main window. Or on menu click Help, point to, and then click Help Topics. Help includes 24 topics (Program overview, Key features, Version history, Preload buttons, Open websites, etc.). See more..

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