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Fast Url Opener is a handy tool to open your daily websites.
Fast Url Opener - Help - Table of Contents - How to buy
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If you wish to use Fast Url Opener after the trial period, you must buy the license:

1 license $10.00 USD
2-9 licenses $9.00 USD
10+ licenses $7.00 USD

Buying the license

1. Buy the license at any website that hosts the program, or by using the program interface as follows:
• On menu click Buy Now, point to, and then click Buy License Now.
2. Once the order is completed, the Order Details web page will open directly and the Order Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you immediately. The both will contain your license code (Name and Key).

Entering the license code

Use your license code to convert the 15-day trial version into a full one. To enter the license code:
1. Open the Program Registration window.
• On menu click Buy Now, point to, and then click Enter License Code.
2. Type into the Program Registration window Name and Key and click OK.

After Registration

1. You may legally use the full version of the program.
2. The program starts without displaying the nag screen.
3. The Buy Now item is removed from the program menu.
4. You are provided with a free technical support.

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 Fast Url Opener Help - Table of Contents - How to buy