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Fast Url Opener - Help - Table of Contents - Using menu commands - Part II
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Fast Url Opener provides the following menu commands:

Browser menu commands

The Browser menu provides 1 permanent command: Set Data. In addition, 5 browser commands may be added to the Browser menu.
• Set Data...
Adds to or removes from the Browser menu 5 browser commands (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari). Once added to the Browser menu, the same commands will be added to the context menu of the Main window. Use these browser commands to set (change) the default web browser.

• For more information on this topic, see in this Help:
Using Browser Menu - Part I
Using Browser Menu - Part II

More menu command

The More menu provides 1 command: More (it is a one-click command).
• More
Opens the More Buttons window with more 24 buttons (Buttons 28-51).

Extra menu command

The Extra menu provides 1 command: Extra (it is a one-click command as well).
• Extra
Opens the Extra Buttons window with extra 24 buttons (Buttons 52-75).

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 Fast Url Opener Help - Table of Contents - Using menu commands - Part II