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Fast Url Opener is a handy tool to open your daily websites.
Fast Url Opener - Help - Table of Contents - Using menu commands - Part III
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Fast Url Opener provides the following menu commands:

Help menu commands

The Help menu provides 3 commands: Help Topics, Check for Update, and About Fast Url Opener.
• Help Topics
Opens a Help window and displays the Table of Contents. Use the shortcut key F1 for this command in the Main window.
• Check for Update
Opens a webpage where you can check and download the latest version of the program.
• About Fast Url Opener
Displays a short information about the program.

Buy Now menu commands

The Buy Now menu provides 3 commands: How to Buy, Buy License Now, and Enter License Code.
- This menu will be removed after you buy the program license and enter a license code.
• How to Buy
Opens a Help window that explains how to buy the program license.
• Buy License Now
Opens a webpage where you can buy the program license online.
• Enter License Code
Opens the Program Registration window where you can enter license code to convert the 15-day trial version of the program into a full one.

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 Fast Url Opener Help - Table of Contents - Using menu commands - Part III