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Fast Url Opener is a handy tool to open your daily websites.
Fast Url Opener - Help - Table of Contents - How to open websites
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Fast Url Opener at work

1. In the option panel of the Main window select the Open option.

• Alternatively, you can select the Open option using the context menu.

2. Click a preloaded button under the Open option to open your first website.

3. After the first website is open, click Minimize.

• Alternatively, you can minimize the program using the context menu.

4. Restore the program from its minimized state.

5. To open more websites from the Main window, repeat steps 2-4.

• The Main window of the program always stays at the top of the screen.

• Because of this, you can open your websites without minimizing the program.

• If you click an unpreloaded button under the Open option, the program will display a special message that helps you quickly open the Preload Button window under the Open option, if needed.

6. After opening your websites, quit the program.

7. To open websites from the More Buttons window, on menu click More.

8. To open websites from the Extra Buttons window, on menu click Extra.

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 Fast Url Opener Help - Table of Contents - How to open websites