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Fast Url Opener is a handy tool to open your daily websites.
Fast Url Opener - Help - Table of Contents - Program overview
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Fast Url Opener at work

Fast Url Opener saves time in opening your daily websites. It keeps 75 Urls (i.e. website addresses) and opens them easy and fast in the default browser, just in a mouse click, one by one. It sets almost any of the main web browsers as default (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (not Edge), Opera, and Safari). To use Fast Url Opener:

1. Connect to the Internet and start the program, or vice versa.
2. Preload buttons with the Titles and Urls of your websites under the Preload option.
3. Open your websites by clicking the preloaded buttons under the Open option.
4. Set the default browser via the Browser or context menu in the Main window.

Fast Url Opener provides 75 opening buttons: 27 buttons are located in the Main window, 24 buttons in the More Buttons window, and 24 buttons in the Extra Buttons window. The first 3 buttons are initially preloaded for the following websites:

Button 1
Title: Google
Url: http://www.google.com

Button 2
Title: You Tube
Url: http://www.youtube.com

Button 3
Title: Yahoo
Url: http://www.yahoo.com

You can change the looks of the program by selecting from different colors, show or hide tooltips, view an icon of the default browser, use the context menu, and more. Fast Url Opener is a shareware program. It runs on Microsoft Windows.

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 Fast Url Opener Help - Table of Contents - Program overview