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Fast Url Opener is a handy tool to open your daily websites.
Fast Url Opener - Help - Table of Contents - Program Tips 31-40
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Tip 31. The program may close all browsers in a click. To activate this feature, preload any button with special Url z://close (Title: Close All) and then click the preloaded button under the Open option.

Tip 32. Use this feature to close and revive a browser that stopped responding (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari).

Tip 33. If the default browser on your computer is set incorrectly, restore the settings of the default browser by setting any browser as default via the Browser or context menu in the Main window of the program.

Tip 34. You can also restore the settings of the default browser manually using the native tools of any browser installed on your computer.

Tip 35. How to do this is shown in the program Help (but not shown in this online Help). See Set manually Firefox as default browser, Set manually Chrome as default browser, Set manually Internet Explorer as default browser, etc.

Tip 36. To check the correctness of the default browser settings on your computer, use the Windows Run utility.

Tip 37. Click Start (at the bottom left of your desktop), point to, and then click Run. In the Open text box, type http://www.yahoo.com and click OK. If the settings of the default browser are set correctly, the default browser will open and Windows will not display an error message. Then repeat the same procedures for https://www.yahoo.com.

Tip 38. If you have 2 e-mail addresses with the same domain name (ab@yahoo.com and abc@yahoo.com), preload 1 button of the program with the next data: Title Yahoo Email, Url https://mail.yahoo.com. Open the 1st e-mail in one browser, enter the login data, and let the browser save the data. Then open the 2nd e-mail in another browser, enter the login data, and let the browser save them. Now, changing the default browser, you can open 2 different e-mail addresses in 2 different browsers using 1 preloaded button - without entering the login data.

Tip 39. The program accepts only the full Urls. In other words, the entered Url must start with "http://", "https://", "ftp://", or the like.

Tip 40. You can change an icon of the program shortcut. To change, right-click it, point to and then click Properties to open the Fast Url Opener Properties window...

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 Fast Url Opener Help - Table of Contents - Program Tips 31-40